Problems and Prospects of Lingua franca in Nigeria

A lingua Franca is a language used for common communication among people of country with diverse ethnic cultural backgrounds like Nigeria. for instance, in some countries eastern Franca like Tanzania and Kenya, Swahili has been adopted as the lingua Franca.

   A lingua franca is supposed to be language accepted and adopted by a country and a spoken among natives who have their different nature languages. In Nigeria, presently, the language which can be regarded as the lingua franca is the English language, the the language of the colonizers.

   English language has served the country over the years as both official language and the lingua franca. However, Nigeria, as a multi ethnic country with diverse cultural and linguistic affiliates needs a lingua franca even if it means trowing off the last work of colonialism by replacing English with a lingua franca.

   A lingua franca can do a lot of good for the country. as a means of effective communication among all tribes and ethnic groups in the country, a lingua franca will promote unity and harmony.

   when there is a common language spoken by all ethnic groups in Nigeria, there is very tendency that the various ethnic languages and dialects would emphasized. This will lead to people in the country a regarding on another as brothers and sisters. It will facilitate easy communication and understanding. In addition, a lingua franca is a reveler. it is a language spoken by both the rich and the poor, the noble and the peasant.

  A lingua franca bridges the yearning gap between the rich and the poor as it is natural that the person one shares a language with one is once brother. Furthermore, a lingua franca desirable for natural integrity language and as such, it is respected among committee of nations. In fact, other nations look down on a nation which uses another countries language as its lingua franca, it is even worse if the lingua franca is the language of colonizer.

    Nigeria needs to have a nation lingua franca policy as a matter of urgebcy. if the countru could gradually accidiously pursue a policy on lingua, a lingua could emerge out of the various ethnic languages.

 A lingua franca, is always melange of two or more languages, especially they language of minority. I am sure that if lingua franca emerges out of the language the minority ethnic groups in Nigeria, such lingua franca will be nationally accepted and it would not be regarded other major ethnic group as a local imperialism.